Tapestry Garden

Boston, MA

The backyard garden of a private residence in the South End of Boston. The clients requested alternative designs that would offer different spatial and aesthetic possibilities.  Privacy, containment and visual interest were the initial design concerns with sustainability rising as an important issue during the process. The selected design was spatially simple – a two level garden - but texturally complex.  

The garden is entered off the lowest level of the house (5 feet below the surrounding grade) and steps up to a simple stone patio surrounded by a tapestry of 5 different ground covers and one large ginkgo tree.  A small dining area is built into the low stone retaining wall that separates the two levels.  

The patterning and material of the enclosing fence becomes the visual protagonist in the garden.  The pattern starts with one character on one wall and transforms in geometry and relief as the fence wraps around.  The walls are constructed of reclaimed redwood with inset white light panels that can be dimmed.  Two upper decks – one off the kitchen at the 3rd level and one for an apartment on the 4th – are detailed in a complementary design, as are the kitchen bay and security grills at the garden level. Under the entire site is a 2 feet gravel bed that acts as passive storm water retention.  

Boston, MA

Back Garden and Decks

Completed 2011

Hirotsugu Tsuchiya