River Park 

West Lebanon, NH

“Currents” is our response to an invited landscape architecture competition for a smart growth life science hub in a spectacular natural setting.  Our design is inspired by the power and possibilities of the adjacent Connecticut River; the dynamic nature of its changing flows, its influence on topography, vegetation and on cultural use.  The project aims to enhance what is there, make physical connections to the larger region, and catalyze social and recreational possibilities. Water in its many different forms and characters, is the thread that ties the areas of the site together.

The design responds to its specific location on the site.  Along the banks of the river is open park that includes a kayak launch, a protected “swimming hole” and a natural rock and water play area cleansed by bio filters.  A village green at a higher elevation is the central gathering area for the life science hub and between the two is a natural buffer of a woodland with paths and slides.  A belvedere promenade constructed of heavy pine timber reaches out above the park, capturing the spectacular views of the river and the surroundings.

The results of the competition are still pending.

West Lebanon, NH

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Lyme Properties

Park and Waterfront