Nourish, June Callwood Park

Toronto, Canada

NOURISH is a proposal for a new public park in the historic Fort York district of Toronto dedicated to the late June Callwood.  NOURISH creates an oasis from urban stress in the spirit of June Callwood and her extraordinary legacy of providing healing spaces for those in need. The park will be a signature space - visually connecting historic Fort York, Coronation Park, and Lake Ontario. 

Interlocking park rooms and gardens define the space. The gardens - Forage, Kitchen and Apothecary - contain a palette of edible plants. The space encourages people to pick, smell, touch and taste the plants in their park, while sharing the experience with their families and neighbors.

A linear planting system evocative of agricultural land is laid over the entire site. The entire effect will be that of a harvestable botanical garden.Maintenance and sustainability considerations were intricately woven into the design scheme. There is an emphasis throughout NOURISH to sustainably manage resources by using best stormwater management practices, rainwater harvesting and grey water re-circulation for irrigation, sensitive site and soil preparation for sustaining the urban forest, and technologies that support park features such as lighting.

Integral to the park design is a continuous walkway that undulates gently up and down along its length. Intentional moments of raised elevation permit overlook and prominence. The bowl of the lawn creates a natural amphitheatre that dips down to feature the bridge and the Swiss Cheese Wall – an integrated play element under the bridge. A special feature to the park is tall custom-made sculptural Light Candles that breathe life into the space at night.

Toronto, Canada

City of Toronto

PMA Landscape Architects

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