Central Park 

Boston, Massachusetts

Central Park is an 80 foot long pavilion designed as sculptural forest providing a comfortable (and cool) interior landscape at ABX 2017/ Greenbuild  in Boston.

“The not so hidden purpose of the park is to introduce outstanding contemporary landscape architecture to the 20,000 conference visitors who may not know what landscape architects really do – almost a Landscape Architecture 101 or 201”

Located at ABX, the pavilion features a forest of trees constructed from 2 x 4 lumber, a lawn of soft artificial turf, a tensile structure leaf canopy, custom concrete petal benches and moveable furniture. Like a park, it is a place to hang out, meet friends, charge your phone (ride a bike) and other leisure activities.  

The park is organized into three zones:

-          The Central Lawn is a place to relax and enjoy

-          The Charging Peloton hosts a fleet of stationary bikes to charge your phone while exercising.

-          The Presentation Lounge provides a venue for quick 10-minute landscape architecture talks by the upcoming landscape architects, as well as a continuous landscape architecture slide show. 

Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Boston, MA

Temporary Pavilion

1,120 sqf


Exhibit design


Boston Society of Architects/AIA, The Boston Society of Landscape Architects, Northern Design Precast, Intelliturf, Transformit, Quad CyclesHolbrook Lumber, Gerry Wright, Grain Wood ShopChuck Choi Photography,