Jameel Art Centre Competition

"2nd Prize"

Dubai, UAE

Ground was the landscape architecture team member of an invited competition for the Jameel Cultural Arts Center. The JAC is intended to be a leading center of MiddleEastern culture and creative economy featuring the Jameel Art Collection, temporary  exhibits, work spaces for young artists and numerous social events. 
Ground worked closely with the architectural team to develop a site strategy that folded up the ground plane, allowing generous shaded space at the entry court level (water level) and helping to create the appearance that the architectural cube of the arts center was floating over the landscape. Enveloped within the shelter of the folds was a sunken entry court with a small water feature surrounded by a souk like market space that connected out to a continuous promenade around the island.  Tucked behind the souk was the parking and entry drive. 
The landscape was intended to provide other outdoor social and functional programs that would support the Art Center and connect it to the surrounding area.  4 pedestrian bridges connect to the surrounding areas and a generous boat dock provides water access.  Other programs include a stepped amphitheater facing out to the water where a floating performance barge could come and a small orange grove and sculpture court at the end of the island. 

Dubai, UAE

Abdul Latif Jameel Community Initiatives


2nd Prize