Winthrop Square

Boston, MA

This historic square is located in Boston’s Financial District, adjacent to the proposed Winthrop Square Tower. The long neglected space will be rejuvenated and expanded, reclaiming redundant vehicular space for pedestrians. The new square will feature sculptural stone planters with both shade providing and ornamental flowering trees. In the centre of the square there will be a dynamic water feature, designed to provide year- round respite and interest. The new square is designed to promote pedestrian flow while providing flexible programmable space for movable furniture or special events.

The revitalised Winthrop Square will flow into “The Connector’, the tower’s ground level, a 13,000 square foot active and energetic urban room. This dynamic space will bring the best of retail and restaurants to one central location. A true Bostonian interior emporium, with an ever-changing calendar of visual art, performance art, marketplace and social events. 

The activity will spill out into the adjacent Winthrop Square, transforming this “classical” 19th century plaza into a vibrant contemporary public square to be shared by all of Boston.

Boston, MA
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